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Quality Misting System Solutions Coachella Valley
Let us transform your outdoor living and entertainment
areas into a cool & soothing Tropical Showcase.
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Custom Mist Inc. 
Residential Misting

If you are a homeowner where the temperature makes it unbearable to use your outdoor living space or a contractor building or remodeling a home, having a personalized custom misting system installed on or around your patio by one of our factory trained technicians can cool your outdoor living space up to 30 degrees.

A custom mist system is not limited to traditional patio installation. Your personalized system can also be designed for installation on:


Our custom misting systems can also be attached to any retractable awning. The awning can be all the way out or in as desired and the mist system can stay on while the awning is moving to the desired position to enhance your outdoor living space.

Pool’s & Water

If you’re looking to cool your pool off or to “WOW” your guests, our misting and fogging features can be incorporated in any pool, fountain, waterfall, or any water feature to transform your landscape into a cool and soothing tropical showcase.

& Plants

Custom Mist can also create dramatic effects by installing misting and fogging effects around trees, plants, rocks and even around fire features to transform your landscape into a unique and mystical experience.

Portable Misting

The portable misting tower is a great addition to your backyard while you’re barbecuing, playing in your yard, laying out or relaxing by the pool. All of our portable misting towers are made of stainless steel and come with an in-line shut off valve on the tower. Portable misting towers can be installed or added to any existing misting system and can be painted or powder-coated any color.

Flush Mounted

If you are a contractor or homeowner building or remodeling a home, a flush mounted misting system is highly recommended if you don’t want to see the atomization line inside or around the perimeter of the patio. Our technicians will install an aluminum fry molding while the house or business is still in the framing stage, then once the stucco is applied, we install the atomization line inside the fry molding and cover it up with a custom fitted and drilled galvanized track covers.

Palapa Misting

At Custom Mist we can incorporate our misting systems into any palapa. Our factory trained technicians install our (welded) stainless steel atomization line around the outer edge of the palapa hidden under the palm-frons and install custom built copper extensions to extrude through so you only see the nozzle tips for a true custom designed and installed misting system.

Fog Rock

All our Fogging Rocks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to blend in naturally with the existing landscape design. Fog Rocks are ideal for cooling seating areas, lounge chairs when you’re laying out under the sun or all areas where a patio overhang does not exist. We can incorporate any of our many size misting / fogging nozzles into any Fog Rock to produce a light mist to extreme fog for visual effects.

Special Effects

Our special effects fogging systems are designed to scatter high pressure (1,000psi.) liquid by impacting on a pin immediately upon exiting the fogging nozzle, causing water deflection onto the desired surface to mimic steam or smoke to make a natural effect when flowing across any water feature, walkway, grotto, garden, landscape area or any outdoor application to dramatically enhance any project. We offer a verity of different size fog nozzles from a light fog to extreme fog depending on your application and preference 

Custom Mist Inc.  
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