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Custom Mist INC. 
Misting Pump Cages

Misting Pump Cages

Our fabrication department can custom fabricate and install any size pump cage, powder-coat it any color to blend in with your décor and plasma cut any design or company logo for a more custom look. We only use the finest materials and only the most technically advanced fabrication and welding used during manufacturing.

The result is a reinforced cage and protected pad locking mechanism that is virtually tamper-proof so nobody can walk away with your investment and you’ll have the peace of mind that your pump module is safe and protected against theft or tampering.

Benefits Of Pump Cages

  • Damage Prevention
  • prevention Of Theft
  • Stylish Custom Look
  • Protection From Weather
  • Rust Prevention
  • Different Options Available
  • Custom Build  
Custom Mist Inc.  
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