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 Industrial Misting

Custom Mist Industrial Misting Division Offers Misting Solutions For:

Dust & Odor

Installing a misting system at waste transfer stations, bulk solid processing facilities, construction sites, excavation sites and recycling facilities will suppress dust from exiting the facility to a minimum, clean the air, protect your employees and help against the risk of heat stress. By installing a chemical injector we can also keep odors to a minimum from leaving the target area. All industrial environments where dust is present can be extremely dangerous to your health and can have cancer-causing agents. Protect your business from getting costly environmental fines and citations.

Animal Misting

If the weather is either too hot or humid it is extremely hard for dogs, horses, cows, and all livestock to shed their body heat. Most animals are kept in barns or shade structures that can be substantially hotter than outside temperatures due to the radiant heating of the structure. Other benefits of having a misting system or misting fans to cool your animals off are:
- Can help to lower the temperature by 30 degrees.
- Can help lower the threat of mortality.
- Can help eliminate flying insects which will reduce irritation
- Can help keep dust and pollen at bay

Shade Structure

At Custom Mist we can install our misting systems on any fabric shade structure to cool off anyone sitting under it. Our installation department starts off by installing our (welded) stainless steel atomization line around the perimeter of the structure by using steel wire (not zip ties) so none of the fabric will get damaged and when there is high wind the misting system will float around with the structure and not rip the fabric.

Schools & Daycare

Children are more sensitive to the dangers of heat stress and exhaustion. Custom Mist can provide comfortable locations where students can seek relief from the heat while they’re outside playing, on break or eating lunch. Installing misting fans, misting towers or a misting system at any school or daycare provides a climate-controlled environment for kids and students to thrive in.

Cannabis Misting &

With the recent developments surrounding medical marijuana, there is a growing need for misting systems to help resolve some of the challenges and issues associated with large scale cannabis propagation. Although the needs vary from facility to facility they include effective odor control, humidification for flowering, curing and drying rooms, disinfecting and sterilization of maturing flowering plants. In all these cases, A Custom Mist high pressure misting system is ideal to address and solve all these issues.


Misting systems in greenhouses will create the perfect growing environment by being able to control the temperature and humidity levels all year round to create the perfect microclimate for plants. The advantages of being able to control the temperature and humidity levels will reduce product spoilage, help reduce venting during warmer periods and increase product production.

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