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Quality Misting System Solutions Coachella Valley
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Custom Mist Inc.

As the name suggests Custom Mist Inc. provides clients with customized designs and factory trained technicians who install, service and design custom high pressure misting & fogging systems in residential, commercial, and industrial locations all while balancing function with aesthetic appeal since 2004. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we have developed a distinctive method to combine high pressure hydraulics, electronic control systems and aesthetically pleasing functional designs.

At Custom Mist Inc. we are commitment to product integrity and system performance, and are backed by a worldwide distribution network and a team of knowledgeable service, installation, and technical personnel. On-site evaluation and technical support is available before, during and after installation. With thousands of installations our misting & fogging systems achieve results in even the most challenging environments.

Custom Mist Inc. has enjoyed a long and proud history serving a variety of varied industries. Founded in 2004 Custom Mist Inc. is the leading manufacturer, distributor and installer of custom high pressure misting and fogging systems. Our engineering department developed the most advanced high pressure pump module in the industry, the HD-1000 is precision built to outlast the competition and does just that.

As the misting & fogging industry leader Custom Mist Inc. is committed to state-of-the-art technology, sophisticated production techniques, and the highest quality materials in the manufacture of its misting and fogging systems.

The heart of the Custom Mist system is the specially designed atomizing nozzle, which atomizes pressurized water. The premise behind this technology is relatively simple: as water evaporates, the surrounding air is cooled. The Custom Mist System is engineered to maximize these effects in a controlled manner, while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Our systems are also commonly used to evenly apply chemical concentrates for purposes such as disinfecting, fertilizing, odor abatement and pest control.

With a long history of research, development and installation experience our engineers have developed the current design and installation of the Custom Mist system and is now the pinnacle of the misting and fogging industry spanning a wide range of applications. Additionally, our misting and fogging systems have helped establish misting systems as the most efficient method of climate control for numerous applications such as outdoor cooling, special effects fogging, dust control, odor control and humidification.

Why should I care, you ask? Countless Custom Mist Inc. customers rely on our products, service, and technology to significantly improve their bottom line.

For more information, schedule a free in-house estimate, consultation or for any design assistance please contact our customer service department.

“We proudly serve all of Southern California along with worldwide equipment distribution”

Custom Mist Inc. Standard of Excellence

Custom Mist manufactures and distributes the highest quality selection of high pressure 1000-psi misting equipment and supplies. The ability to ensure quality, innovation, and professionalism makes Custom Mist a provider of the industries’ finest in-house manufactured misting systems offered throughout Southern California along with worldwide equipment distribution. Our engineering department provides practical solutions for a wide verity of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

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Custom Mist Inc.  
Standard Of Excellence 

Our Analysis

We provide each client with a proper and thorough inspection of the area our client desires to have misting equipment installed. The key to this process is a thorough understanding of the client's requirements and ensuring they are delivered.

Drafting & Planning

Our technicians carefully draft each client's options in order to insure they are aware of their available misting solutions as well as a course of action to safeguard that the job is completed in a timely, efficient and effective manner.


Our staff maintains a constant stream of knowledge regarding equipment available in the market and what we are capable of producing. Therefore, we maintain trustworthy and transparent estimates to ensure each client is receiving the product that they envision for themselves.


At Custom Mist, scheduling is key to keeping our team and clients pleased. We want to make the installation process simple and completed in a timely fashion. We are constantly striving to achieve our goals set in place in the drafting and planning process

Spring Yearly Service

After installation, we are not done. Like your car, your mist system requires preventative maintenance to ensure efficient performance and dependability. A service consists of changing the pump oil, replacing all the filters, cleaning of all the nozzles, flushing out the system, check all lines for leaks and tightening all fittings to prevent any leaks in the future. This is important to keep your system running properly for many years to come.

Winter Power Down

In the cooler months, the weather has brought freezing night temperatures to the Coachella Valley that cause water to expand by 10% inside the inlet water pipes on a misting system. Expansion causes pvc lines, copper lines, water valves and filter housings to crack or break which will lead to a costly flood where the misting pump is located.

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