140’ Misting System Kit

Everyone who wants a misting system will need to invest in high pressure misting pump because it will maximize your misting systems performance. (Higher the pressure – Finer the mist) You can choose from our great line of high-pressure misting pumps, the Light Duty, Medium Duty and the Heavy Duty that are pre-selected below that are required for the size of your kit.

This kit includes 140’ of stainless steel misting line and all parts listed below.

Kit Contents:

  • 140’ Stainless steel tubing with 18” nozzle spacing. (Fourteen 10’ sections) SKU: 18OC
  • 60’ 3/8” black nylon tubing. SKU: HPNCS381000
  • 91 .008 anti-drip misting nozzles. SKU: 1224008ADN
  • 30’ Blank stainless steel tubing. SKU: 38SSB
  • 18 3/8” brass compression unions. SKU: 38BCU
  • 1 Brass compression end cap. SKU: 38BCEC
  • 3 Brass compression elbow. SKU: 38BCE
  • 85 Stainless steel clamp, screw and anchor kit. SKU: SSCSA38

Weight: 89 lbs
Dimensions: 27 × 13 × 13.25 in

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