Heavy Duty Misting Pump

At Custom Mist we offer a broad range of fully customized pump modules that are designed, manufactured, and assembled in our facility. Each pump module is custom engineered for specific applications, such as motor rpm, number of nozzles, size of nozzles, voltage, horsepower, staged, and for wireless remote systems. In addition, all our standard components make our pump modules the highest rated and most protected in the industry. Our pump modules are designed to take 35 psi. and turn it into 1,000 psi. for ultimate cooling and built to outlast the competition. All pump modules come complete with an electric inlet water valve, low pressure switch, (Pump Saver) totally enclosed fan cooled electric motor with thermo protection re-set button, 20amp. on / off power switch, flush valve, drain valve, dual five-micron filtration system with replaceable filter cartridges, 2,000psi. high pressure gauge, six-foot power cord or ½” water-tight conduit, and a Cat pump head. Other models and configurations are available to meet all requirements.

(HD) Heavy Duty enclosed series misting pumps are recommended for continuous duty 
residential, commercial, and industrial applications and can be installed outdoors under all elements.  

Everyone who wants a misting system will need to invest in high pressure misting pump because it will maximize your outdoor cooling system’s performance. (Higher the pressure – Finer the mist) You can choose from our great line of high-pressure misting pumps that are available in various voltage horsepower and (GPM) gallon per minute sizes.

You always have the choice to upgrade your current misting system pump with one of our direct drive misting pumps that provide superior, high output mist for continuous cooling. 

Find all the parts and accessories you need on our accessories page to maintain and prolong the life of your misting system. Our secure online checkout makes it completely easy for you to select, buy, install, and service your misting system.