Misting Nozzles

  • Hand tightening: no wrench necessary for tightening or removing.
  • Self-sealing O-rings for leak proof seal.
  • Consistent misting pattern.
  • Nozzle length only 5/8" long allowing to be installed in tight spaces.
  • Anti-drip ball & spring which prevents nozzle drip.
  • Cleanable
  • Clean appearance
  • Long lasting
  • Stainless steel orifice with a brass outer layer.
  • Quiet
  • Fine Atomization: each nozzle delivers billions of water droplets that are less that 1/10th the size of a human hair.

Ultra-fine brass atomizing anti-drip nozzle with a stainless steel insert and complete with an O-Ring seal that can be hand tightened. The nozzle is designed with a ball and spring to stop the flow of mist once the water source is shut off. The nozzle can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

Our patented misting anti drip nozzles are designed to accomplish an extremely high emission velocity with a low flow rate. Liquids are atomized into aerosol particles, which flash-evaporate evenly into the environment, creating an ultra-fine mist. Our misting nozzles will atomize liquid even in climates with fairly high relative humidity with a very low increase of humidity.

The misting nozzle size allows it to be placed into small confined spaced. No wrench is needed for tightening. The self-sealing O-ring provides a leak proof seal that means no Teflon tape or sealant is required. The O-rings and ball stem are Viton, for better wear when used in harsh environments, high calcium or any kid of chemical.

Our misting nozzles create an extremely fine fog and each water droplet is less than 50 microns in size (1/10th. the size of a human hair.) The pin (impeller), orifice, and nozzle body are designed in such a way that when fluid is forced through, a very fine cone-shaped fog is created. Our misting nozzles are ideal for outdoor cooling, greenhouse misting, humidification systems, warehouse cooling, special effects fogging and all types of industrial misting and cooling systems.

Clogged nozzles that have calcium build up can be cleaned by soaking them in CLR or a half white vinegar and water solution for 15 to 30 minutes. Before you re-install the nozzles, rinse each nozzle thoroughly and make sure you flush each nozzle port before re-installing each nozzle.

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Misting Fans

At Custom Mist we manufacture and install a wide variety of commercial and industrial stationary and oscillating misting fans for ultimate cooling for a wider area of coverage where a mist system around your patio is just not enough or for very high humid climates. Misting fans can be added to any existing misting system and will cool you off as much as 35 degrees instantly. All of our mist rings are made of stainless steel and come in a wide variety of sizes so they can be retrofitted to any size fan with any number of nozzles. Shut-off valves can be added to any mist ring so you can just use the fan without the mist if you prefer or we can just install fans without attaching any mist to the fan so you can just move more air around your patio. All stainless steel mist rings come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

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All welded stainless steel atomization lines are constructed of 3/8" (O.D.) stainless steel 316 grade tubing with 1/2" risers or (saddles), Tig welded to ensure long life. Each line is 20' long and pressure tested before installation. Here at Custom Mist we only use the highest quality materials available on the market and that is why we are the only company in the misting industry that gives a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all welded atomization misting line.

  • Diameter: O.D. in inches: 3/8" or 1/2"
  • Nozzle Spacing: 12", 16", 18", 24", 36", 48" custom spacing also available
  • Nozzle Thread Size: 12/24th.
  • Welded Steel: 316 grade
  • Pressure Tested at: 3,000 psi.
  • Warranty: Life-time against manufacturing defects


The ADJ. atomization line uses a patented collar that slips over the stainless steel tube. The collar comes with two sealing rings that make a pressure tight seal against the outer wall of the tube. The stainless steel is precision drilled at preset intervals (nozzle spacing) and the collar is factory mounted over the hole. Once installed at the application, the nozzle array (with extender etc.) is screwed into the collar and can be rotated to the desired angle. All ADJ. atomization line is constructed of 3/8" outside diameter stainless steel tubing.

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  • Speedy installation.
  • No need to line up the tubes.
  • Easy to change nozzle orientation to fine tune.
  • Low profile collar does not create shade or block light.
  • No need for costly nozzle extensions to redirect nozzles.
  • Allows extra nozzles to be added after the initial installation without replacing stainless tube.


At Custom Mist we offer a broad range of fully customized pump modules that are designed, manufactured and assembled in our facility. Each pump module is custom engineered for specific applications, such as motor rpm, number of nozzles, size of nozzles, voltage, horsepower, staged, zoned and for wireless remote systems. In addition, all of our standard components make our pump modules the highest rated and most protected in the industry. Our pump modules are designed to take 35 psi. and turn it into 1,000 psi. for ultimate cooling and built to outlast the competition. This picture shows our industrial HD 1000 model complete with a 2Hp industrial motor, 3gpm industrial Cat pump head, 24 volt low voltage switching, external bypass w/ check-valve, electric inlet water valve, electric drain valve, high and low pressure gauges, low pressure switch and all other specifications listed below. Other models and configurations are available to meet all requirements.

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  • Powder coated sub frame & enclosure.
  • Dual 5 micron filtration system.
  • TEFC industrial single phase electric motor with motor overload protection.
  • Cat industrial ceramic plunger pump. (1000 psi.)
  • Drain valve.
  • Voltage options: 115 volt single phase – 575 volt three phase
  • Low pressure switch. (Pump Saver)
  • Electric inlet water solenoid valve.
  • Adjustable pressure regulator.
  • ON / OFF switch.
  • 2000 psi. Glycerin filled pressure gauge.
  • Low pressure glycerin filled pressure gauge (optional)
  • External bypass hose with check-valve. (only available with industrial HD 1000 model)
  • 24 volt low-voltage switching. (optional)
  • 9’ power cord with plug or ½” flex electrical conduit for power source.
  • Rubber mounted sub frame
  • Rubber motor mounts to ensure quiet operation.
  • Pump dimensions: Length 26” Width 13” Height 13.2”


Our fabrication department can custom fabricate and install any size pump cage, powder-coat it any color to blend in with your décor and plasma cut any design or company logo for a more custom look. We only use the finest materials and only the most technically advanced fabrication and welding used during manufacturing. The result is a reinforced cage and protected pad locking mechanism that is virtually tamper-proof so nobody can walk away with your investment and you’ll have the peace of mind that your pump module is safe and protected against theft or tampering.

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