With the recent developments surrounding medical marijuana, there is a growing need for misting systems to help resolve some of the challenges and issues associated with large scale cannabis propagation. Although the needs vary from facility to facility they include effective odor control, humidification for flowering, curing and drying rooms, disinfecting and sterilization of maturing flowering plants. In all these cases, A Custom Mist high pressure misting system is ideal to address and solve all these issues.


Due to the pungent odor associated with the flowering of the cannabis plant, in order for growers to maintain their license, many grow facilities have a mandated requirement to provide an effective method of odor control. By having a Custom Mist misting systems installed with a chemical injector we can also prevents odors from leaving the target area because in most states the odor must be prevented from escaping outside the facility. Since 2004 our engineering department has developed an effective means of odor control by injecting proprietary blends of all natural and bio degradable ingredients into our high pressure misting systems that will produce billions of atomized water droplets that are 1/10th. the size of a human hair and will eliminate noxious odors including the pungent odor associated with flowering marijuana plants. This is not a masking effort by any means. It eliminates the molecules that contain the odor and will protect your business from getting costly environmental fines and citations.


A lot of marijuana grow facilities require higher humidity levels than normal during the various stages of propagation and harvest. When adding humidity in large open areas during the flowering stage, misting fans or a traditional stainless steel line system can be used also. The drying and curing stages will usually be in smaller more confined area and for maintaining slightly elevated humidity levels during these stages of the harvesting process we recommend one of our oscillating high pressure misting fans so the mist will evaporate quicker and not build up the moisture. This will create the perfect growing environment by controlling the temperature and humidity levels all year round to create the perfect micro climate. The advantages of being able to control the temperature and humidity levels will reduce produce spoilage, reduces venting during warmer periods and will increase product production.


The three most devastating developments for a grow facility are the development of insects, fungus and pests. This can be especially disastrous during the critical flowering stage of the plant. In most cases this can result in a product that cannot be used for medical use. Incorporating Custom Mist technology, an FDA approved proprietary blends of all natural and bio degradable ingredients and installing a Custom Mist high pressure industrial HD-1000 pump module with our atomization nozzles will allow for complete coverage of all buds and leaves in seconds which will eliminate the growth of mold, mildew and pests.

Charcoal filter systems have traditionally been used and when properly designed and installed, they can be effective. However, they can also be two to five times expensive and time consuming and costly to maintain and our high pressure misting systems use less than 1/10th. the amount of water than a low pressure misting system and are more efficient.

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